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Гребенщикова Карина

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My home town is Nizhny Tagil. It is situated in a picturesque place and is surrounded by wood and mountains. Nizhny Tagil is one of the oldest towns in the Urals. It was founded in 1722 by Nikita Demidov at the foot of the mountain Vysokaya. It was a small settlement at first. In 1919 it got city status. In 2012 our town celebrated its 290th anniversary. Now its population is about 362 000 people.

There are 70 big enterprises in the town among which are the Nizhny Tagil Integrated Iron – and – Steel works and the Urals car – building works. Our town may be called a pioneer of technological progress in the field of metallurgy. In this case I mention the inventors of the first Russian railway engine Yefim and Miron Cherepanovs.

The old history of the town are preserved in many monuments and treasures stored in art galleries, museums, such as Bondin Museum, the Museum of History and Regional Studies, the Museum of Mineralogy.

The Nizhny Tagil Museum of History and Regional Studies is one of the oldest in the Urals. Among the exhibits of this museum there was a part of private collection of the Demidovs – well – known manufacturers.

Akinfy Demidov inherited property by his three sons: paintings, books in Russian and foreign languages, collections of medals and coins and other things. Since the late 18 century the art collection of Nizhny Tagil’s manufactures was supplemented by works of local self – artists – the Khudoyarovs, the Dubasnikovs, the Peresolovs. There are models of workshops, machines, mechanisms, drawings. At the end of the 19th century D. N. Mamin – Sibiryak, V. I. Nemirovich – Danchenko, D. I. Mendeleyev and many other writers and scientists were among the visitors of the museum. The great Raphael’s painting, now known as the Tagil Madonna was discovered last years and are among the exhibits of the Nizhny Tagil Museum of History and Regional Studies.

Our Drama Theatre ranks among the best in the country. The city runs 176 libraries, wich have total of about 5 million volumes.

The city suburbs are famous for their beautiful landscapes ideal for recreation. The numerous hills, woods and rivers provide fine hunting and fishing and getting mushrooms and picking berries. In winter we have excellent opportunities for snow skiing and skating. We see that we live in a picturesque place of Russia. Soft light of lamps which illuminate the streets and squares with the traditional view of the old church outlined against the evening sky – all these give the town a charm of its own.

I are proud of our town. I love it.