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Агафонова Татьяна

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I arrived in Nizhny Tagil four years ago to study at pedagogical college. At first, my attitude to the city was contradictory. It was cold, the weather was nasty and I saw a gloomy city. The following day the weather changed and I saw the other city. I fell in love with it but it wasn’t love at the first sight.

There’s a lot of factories and plants in Nizhny Tagil. It is good. People get jobs. They have a prospect. Unfortunately, factories and plants pollute air, water. Sometimes it’s difficult to breath. Townspeople’s health spoils. It’s bad. People suffer.

Nevertheless, N- Tagil has more advantages than disadvantages. I am a young girl. I want to meet people and have fun. N-Tagil has enough places of entertainment. You plan your weekends because you know where you can have a rest with your friends. For example, you can go to a pizzeria, have dinner in a cafe, go to the cinema, theatre or go for a walk along the embankment of the pond. There are many places of interest in N-Tagil. You know how to spend your free time. You can go to the museums, circus and parks. Tagil has leisure and sports centers where children, teenagers and adults can develop their abilities. They dance, sing, sew, play musical instruments and design. They get pleasure from doing different things.

N-Tagil is a beautiful city with its legends, traditions, rich history. Every year N-Tagil becomes more beautiful and powerful. People of the city are very hospitable and kind. They can work and have a good time. I am glad to live here. I met many friends. I learnt many interesting things. I hope to be useful here. I say, “Thank you, Nizhny Tagil”.