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I spent my childhood in a small town in the north of our country. I always dreamt to be a tutor in a kindergarten. When I was 16 I made up my mind to study at teacher training college in Nizhny Tagil. I began to look up the information about the city.
As a result, I knew a lot of interesting facts about Nizhny Tagil. For example, D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak , who was a Russian writer, named Nizhni Tagil "the Pearl of the Ural Mountains". The first steamer and the first pedal bicycle were made there. The great Raphael’s painting, known as the Holy Family was discovered in Nizhny Tagil. Karamzin’s letters containing new facts about A.S. Pushkin’s death were found there too.

At last, my dream came true. After leaving school I went together with my friend to Nizhny Tagil. I was impressed by a picturesque view of the city. When we were coming to the city of my dream I saw a pond. There was a mountain behind the pond .The small ancient watch tower was on the top of the mountain. It was so unusual and beautiful; it seemed to me that I was in the cinema. I enjoyed watching it. I remembered that people called that place the Fox Mountain. I was happy and my first feelings didn’t deceive me. I entered the college and became to live in Nizhny Tagil.

I have been studying at teacher training college for two years. In the evening I walk around the city and learn its streets, squares and monuments. My favorite place is Theatre Square in the centre of the city. The beautiful building with columns attracts your attention. It is Drama Theater. In the center of the square you can see a monument to the Cherepanovs, who were the inventers of the first steam locomotive in Russia. Newly-married couples with flowers like having their picture taken in Theatre Square. Schoolboys and students come there after classes to have a rest. Young mothers walk with their kids. Elderly people sit on the benches and read newspapers. There is a lot of youth there in the evening.

Every day I learn interesting history of the city. I am proud of its people. My aim is to finish college successfully and work as a tutor in a kindergarten. Where?

Of course, in Nizhny Tagil.