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Маметов Курбан

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To begin with, I’d to tell you that our town is famous for many things. First of all it is noted for its geographical position. The fact is that N. Tagil is situated on the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. Then I’d like to mention that our town is included into the register of “historical towns of Russia” for it’s almost three – century history. The history of Nizhny Tagil begins with the opening of the Vysokogorsky iron ore quarry in 1696. The deposits were particularly rich, and included lodes of pure magnetic iron. The surrounding landscape provided everything needed for a successful and productive mining and smelting operation — rivers for transport, forests for fuel, and suitable climate.

N. Tagil is the oldest industrial centre which is called “the iron capital” of the Middle Urals. It is interesting to know that our town was founded in 1722 by the Demidovs. Our district is rich in minerals and the mountain Vysokaya contains a lot of iron ore. So, N. Tagil was born at the foot of this mountain as a working settlement of minors and iron makers.

N. Tagil metallurgical complex is the heart of our town. It is the largest mining and metallurgical complex in Russia. It exports metal and different products to different enterprises of Russia and abroad. Our town is the home of another industrial giant – The Ural Carriage Plant, which produced one – fourth of all the tanks in the country in war – time – the famous “fifty - fours”.

Many famous people lived and worked in our town. We can’t but mention the names of the Cherepanovs – father and son. They were very talented and skillful mechanics. They built the first steam – engine in Russia, the model of which we can see in our Museum of History and Regional Studies. The monument of Cherepanovs had been erected in the centre of the town. This monument commemorates our talented inventors.

Our town may be called a cultural centre, too, because there are a lot of places of interest in it which attract citizens and visitors of our town. The N. Tagil Museum of History and Regional Studies is one of them. I’d like to note that our museum is the oldest and the richest one in Russia. Its collections include more than three hundred thousand exhibits which are of great value and importance. The major parts of them are the works of the Tagil craftsmen. For example, you can see and admire Kuznetsov’s invention - “Astronomical clock” made in the 18th century, the Artamonov’s bicycle and many others. We often hear a saying «Don't invent a bicycle» about something simple and known for a long time. Really, the bicycle is old enough — more than a hundred years of age. Its first prototype appeared in 1791 in France. In 1800 a Russian peasant Artamonov made an iron bicycle and travelled on it from Nizhni Tagil to Moscow.

There is a wonderful collection of bronze sculptures in the museum hall. These works astonish visitors with their beauty and grace.

Our town is famous for its precious stones so poetically called in Russia “samotsvety” – rock crystals, smoky topaz, alecsandrites and many others. The Ural green stone – malachite – is known all over the world. The Malachite Hall of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg is faced with Tagil stone. The Louvre keeps a map of France in which 106 cities and towns are marked with our gems. Wonderful collections of different stones and jewelry masterpieces attract a lot of visitors of the museum. We are also proud of trays with lacquer painting. The first creators of the unique art were our Tagil artists – the Khudoyarovs. Their paintings are the most original exhibits of the museum.

There are some more places of interest in our town. Most of them are situated in the centre of N. Tagil. Theatratical Square is the largest and the beautiful square in the town. Drama Theatre is situated here. This building is noted for its marvelous architecture. Visiting this theatre always gives us a lot of moments of joy. The Puppet Theatre is also situated in the centre.

Lenin Avenue is the main street of our town. It is wide, green, and full of shops and people. The traffic as very hard here and the traffic signs help cars, buses, trams and people to avoid accidents. The shop windows display a great variety of goods.

There are a lot of parks and squares in N. Tagil. Bondin park is the most beautiful; it is situated on the bank of Tagilsky Pond. Some years ago it was rebuilt and now there are a lot of leisure facilities for grown – ups and their children. You can find different sports facilities in N. Tagil: Ice Palace, stadiums, swimming – pools and skating rings.

The biggest cinema is named “Russia”. Nowadays it organizes not only film – presentations but also meetings with popular actors and actresses, singers and pop – groups. Usually the hall is full up at these meetings.

We are very proud of our circus, because not every town has such a unique building where we can enjoy the circus art. Besides we have the Art Museum. There are many interesting exhibitions of local and outstanding Russian painters and sculptors are organized there.

One of the most attractive places of interest in N. Tagil is Lisya Mountain from which you can get a magnificent view of the town. Different holidays are held there. They gather a lot of guests and participants.

In conclusion I’d like to tell you that as very big industrial centre of our town faces a lot of different problems. One of them is the state of our ecology. Much money is spent on the protection of the environment. Many foreign specialists from the USA and other countries take part in our health programs. We hope that someday we’ll cope with these problems and we’ll breathe with fresh air, drink clean water and see tidy and cosy streets and houses. N. Tagil my native town and I’m really proud of fact that I was born in it.