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Низамеева Эльвира

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The cities are like people. Every one has got its own face and history. My native city Nizhniy Tagil is a city-worker. It is situated on the eastern slope of the Urals Mountains twenty kilometers away from the boarder between Europe and Asia. The city lies in the lowland of the river Tagil. Nizhniy Tagil was founded in 1722 when the first settlement appeared during the construction of Viyskiy copper smelling plant which owner was N. Demidov.

Today it is one of the Russia’s largest industrial centres. The Tagil earth contains sixty elements of Mendeleev’s periodical system. But Nizhniy Tagil is not only a city of industrial giants it’s a city of a great cultural potential.

The most beautiful and attractive part of the city is its centre. Let’s observe it from Fox Hill (Lisya Mountain). Fox Hill with a small watch tower on its top is the highest point of the city. It is a traditional place for public feasts. There is a beautiful view of Nizhniy Tagil from Fox Hill. Modern constructions are mixed with buildings of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that add the city’s unique appearance.
exposition of arms 2.jpgexposition of arms .jpg

From the top of the hill you can see the Nizhniy Tagil Plant which was one of the largest and the most technologically advanced plants of its time in the Urals, Russia and Europe. In October 1987 it was decommissioned. Today it is a museum under the open sky. The Nizhniy Tagil Plant – museum is the unique monument of industrial culture meeting together three centuries of Russian steelmaking.
the Nizhniy Tagil Plant .JPGThe observation wheel .jpg

The D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak Drama Theatre is the main decoration of Theatre Square and the centre of the cultural life of the city. Theatre’s pediments are decorated with statues which personify labour, science and arts. Here you can also see the monument to the creators of the first Russian steam engine or so-called “stream diligence” father and son Cherepanovs.

The “Greenway” of the pond embankment has become one of the favourite places for rest and walk.

One of the highest places of the embankment is occupied by Nizhniy Tagil Circus, a modern and beautiful building.
Fountains.JPGFox Hill.JPEG

The park named after the writer A.P.Bondin is located on the bank of Tagil pond. The observation wheel and the cascade of fountains attract many people. Young families with their small children prefer to spend their weekends in the park.

As we have already said Nizhniy Tagil is one of the largest industrial centres in the Middle Urals and in Russia. There are forty six industrial enterprises in the city. The leading companies are Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works and Railway Car Building Plant “Uralvagonzavod”.
the cascade of fountains .JPGthe embankment .jpg

The city has a historic fate. In the country’s hard times it welcomed everybody who by various reasons happened to be in the Urals. During last years Nizhniy Tagil hosts visitors from over seventy countries. They participate in the exposition of arms and combat vehicles. These exhibitions are significant both for Tagil and Russia. They help evoke assurance and prove Russia is still among the world’s leaders. Nizhniy Tagil proved its status of a large industrial centre, the city of businesspeople and enthusiasts.
the Nizhniy Tagil Plant 2.jpgthe Nizhniy Tagil Plant 3.JPG